$666 to a High School Senior graduating in the Class of 2023

High School is a critical, formative part of life for most American teenagers. Countless factors converge to define how that experience impacts each young individual. For some students, sports, academics, and groupthink come naturally. But in the shadows of the Homecoming royalty, football star, and Most Likely To Succeed, lies the outsider.

The outsider doesn’t always love the new popular song or wear the trendy fashion style. They’re often on the receiving end of the bullying that goes overlooked by faculty. Sometimes they skip class, not because they’re looking for trouble, but because they’re overwhelmed by a crushing anxiety. Or maybe they’re still alone, crying in the stairwell. They’re not losing the popularity contest, it just never occurred to them to enter it.

Satanic Delco’s Outsider Achievement Award will grant $666 to a student who embraces individualism, empathy, free-thought, and skepticism.

As an applicant, your assignment is to detail your experience being the outsider. Applicants can respond with an essay, poem, film, song, or other creative medium. There are no specific requirements regarding word count, running time, etc. We will value honest expression and emotional impact above all else. Spill your guts, kid.

For submission of physical objects, email first with a description, and arrangements will be made to receive the item.

All submissions are due by June 16, 2023.

Graduating seniors should use the submission form to apply for this years award.