Be on time! Fashionably late is cool, but let’s make the most of the limited time we have in the space!

There will be candy, mini-dogs, baked things, and even some healthy options.

BYOB – Beer and wine only.

Your drinks will be held behind a counter with venue staff there to hold it and serve. Please consume responsibly. We must leave a positive impression on our host for this event.

We will also have some non-alcoholic options, of course.

At the drink area, there will probably be a big tip jar for the server/host. Use it.

If you need to get a little stoney, be discreet. There are spots outside, around the way. And if you have a simple little vape pen, I’m sure you can manage a little toke or two inside, but again, just be discreet and respectful.

There will be 3 awards given:

• Best Dressed (Dress/Gown)
• Best Dressed (With Pants)
• Best Mask

Everyone will be given a ballot to write in your votes for each award. If you see a rad mask or outfit, but don’t know that persons name, go ask them! There are prizes for the winners.