As Satanists, our very existence offends, disgusts, and terrifies large portions of mainstream society. If given the option, they would eliminate us. Despite our true intentions, grounded in tenets that emphasize compassion, empathy, and justice, we remain feared outsiders, subject to religious discrimination and persecution. We represent a fundamental threat to the status quo that the masses hold so dear.

Without the burden of expectations, the focus and priorities of our congregation took shape naturally as membership grew. The following three categories best articulate those priorities.


Perhaps the most valuable aspect of our group are the personal relationships that form between our diverse collection of members. Our space is one that values and nurtures honest expression without expectation or judgement.

None of us were born with an inherent desire to be the outsider. Like anyone, we crave love and acceptance. Instead, many of us have been faced with hateful expressions from the world at large. We’ve been told that we’re wrong, that we need to look a certain way, feel a certain way, and love a certain way. Many of us feel pressured to keep our beliefs and religious affiliation secret from employers, friends, and even family members, for fear of rejection or punishment.

Our shared experiences bring trust, unity, and strength to the whole.


Action is charity and activism. Effectively, action is the opposite of the obligatory “thoughts and prayers” sent halfheartedly by so many. Our earliest conversations were about using our group to benefit those in need. We do that, and doing more of it will remain a permanent part of our groups core purpose.

Our charitable efforts serve primarily to benefit those in need, while also raising awareness of modern Satanism.

Raising awareness of modern Satanism is a primary goal. While there are times when the fearful stigma benefits, or at least entertains us, let there be no confusion that our community is genuinely better with Satanists in it. Over time, our message seeps through the cracks, and awareness of our true intentions are made visible to fresh new eyes. When this happens, not only do our numbers grow, but little by little the mainstream gains a better understanding of who we are and what modern Satanism is.

Media coverage of our charitable actions, and the sharing of that coverage, serves as a direct way to educate the public about what Satanism really is, and isn’t.